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12 for 12: the remix
In the spirit of graphic design, each year we’ll be ‘re-mixing’ 12 infamous references from pop culture. Last year, we looked to the big-screen; but in 2017, we're looking to the stars. It's our nation's 150th, and we're keeping our list of pop icons Canadian. You know their names, but don't you want to see what they should 'look' like?
the x title
Clients test our ability to be creative all the time with the not-so-easy task of bringing their visions into fruition. But that one project that takes exponentially more time than expected, or calls for an extreme amount of brainwork…that’s a lot of “extra”. Assigned to our most challenging project each year, here's what claimed the X TITLE for 2016.
we don't see work, we see play.
hype songs
What's just as motivating as a brand new project? GREAT MUSIC. The songs that we turn to for (re-)invigoration are old, new and in between, from more than a few genres, with a few classics here and there. Click here to see if you know any of the songs that made our 2017 playlist.
thought of the moment Still thinking....but for now, here was our last "thought" of 2016: When it comes to recording artist Machel Montano, our craving for good graphic design and soca music can be satisfied in one sitting. We've taken notice of his material, and have more than enough reason to ask the question: Who is behind your design? Click here to read more....
The XHM team brings you the unique, words-only, decor line Dn'A.
As they say, LET THERE BE TYPE.