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we don’t see colours, we see flavours. We are versatile. We don’t see black and white. And we really do want to know: what do you see? Our strengths lie within the ability to think beyond and accommodate the visions of a widely diverse clientele representing industries from Financial to Film. We demonstrate this with a portfolio of corporate to abstract projects that have included movie posters, marketing pieces, book designs, logos and stationery systems, elaborate event design packages and branded creations for print and web. Between conceptualizing and design execution, our most important stage is stepping into the minds of our clients to see the world from their angles. Most often, this process begins with a Client Personality Test - our version of a brief - named so because we interpret the distinct brand that every client has as a ‘personality”. We follow up the Test with Test Results: written assessments of the company and project that communicate “WE SEE YOUR VISION”.


our logo.

Everything you want to know about who we are and how we approach our clients can be best understood – of course – through our logo. The XHM mark is an unusually shaped ‘X’ and our version of a Rorschach blot. Rorschach blots are the famous marks used in psychological tests, and we believe a lot of psychology goes into what we do.


Our mark signifies our innate trait as designers to “see things differently”, the analyzing and interpreting we partake in every time we start a new project, and our ability to adapt to the unique visions of a varied clientele. We know what we are capable of seeing. So we ask again – what do you see?


the team.

Leslie's philosophy in life is to “be creative and go the extra mile”.  In her world, templates do not exist because originality is KING (or QUEEN, if you will).


Lisa thinks the world would be quite boring without creative people. For her, being original is not a “line”, it’s a lifestyle and she truly believes in the power of ideas.


The twin sisters collaborate on most assignments, having very similar thought patterns,  though from time to time combine their own unique perspectives to launch a project into the execution stage. Each assignment begins with a genuine and detailed process of getting to know their clients. However, they recognize that executing a vision is more than just integrating client values in the design strategy. The XHM team always works hands-on, going above and beyond, and remaining accessible from beginning to end of the production period.


The XHM team divides their time between client work and designing the pieces for Dn'A - the high-end decor line and artistic extension of X Height Media. They celebrate the power of words - and only words - through Dn'A, which not only represents a fusion of graphic design and art, but also their version of the ideal piece of art. (Discover more at www.dna.theareax.com.)


Leslie and Lisa received their Bachelor of Design degrees from the Ontario College of Art & Design University. They share a genuine appreciation for all creative disciplines, but of course graphic design - the art of visual communication - is where their hearts lie.

Leslie Jones
Owner, Principal Designer
Lisa Jones
Owner, Principal Designer



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