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Machel Montano logo


Design template for the promotion of a concert held by Machel Montano for Trinidad Carnival 2016

machel: who's behind your design?
By: Lisa Jones The creative universe is a bold and colourful place, where only a chosen few are selected to become walking billboards for new trends and design ideas. Recording artists are among the appointed. The branding of an artist affords several opportunities for creative expression, and their reveal of “what’s new” is reflected via not only fashion, but music videos, album covers and merchandise – also prime outlets to showcase on-trend graphic design. When it comes to mega soca star Machel Montano, I’ve taken notice of the turn the design of his material has taken over the past couple of years, and it’s prompted me to ask: Who is behind his design? Soca, a fusion of the words “soul and calypso”, is the West Indian-flavoured genre of music that was gifted to the world by the island of Trinidad & Tobago. It has been 30+ years since Machel Montano’s induction into the soca scene, and as an undeniably dominant player, he has earned his place in the kingdom of soca as soca royalty. Have you seen his logo? Two M’s forming a crown….and the first time I saw it, I thought Wow…I LOVE this logo: Such a simple way to make a bold statement. And, of course I wondered…. who was responsible for the design? When promos for his 2015 single Like Ah Boss (Like A Boss) first started to dot the net, my focus immediately shot to the song title, brought to life with a font so flavourful it would make you thirsty. So juicy and so “now”. And that’s partly what you need to compete with the mercurial nature of the music industry. In order for an artist to prolong the typically limited lifespan of their career, one has to stay current and evolve with the times, and to survive 30+ years means you are adhering to a successful formula. The graphic design of Machel’s material certainly has to be a part of his formula. Much like the printed material produced for many artists of this genre, you see the freeness and happy vibes of soca music- You can feel the Caribbean. But most importantly, the use of fresh, colourful graphics on his cds apparel and other merchandise are not only eye catching, but modern and capable of resonating with anyone in his wide audience. 2016 is here, which means new music, new performances, new reasons for material to be created, and I’ve already seen song title designs that are grabbing my attention. I’m looking forward to seeing what his design team has in store for this year, and of course, reminding me why I love graphic design. Update: We sent @machelmontano the link to our Thought! He let us know that Ryan Paterson of Hightop Studios is behind is design.

Artwork for Machel Montano singles

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