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the X Title goes to... ....our cover design for Great Merchants of Grand Bazaar (GMGB) by Murat Guvenc! We take you to old Turkey for this one. The third book in a trilogy of Anatolion fairy tales, GMGB is a collection of intriguing tales, each unfolding within the walls of Turkey’s historic Grand Bazaar with moral teachings hidden somewhere in their storylines. Old Turkish culture is a quite a stretch from what we’re generally knowledgeable of, so certain tasks were required in order to pull off a successful cover design. We needed a more in-depth look into the early days of the Bazaar, including its history, typical merchandise sold at the time and appearance of its structure, as well as a general understanding of the culture and society at that time. More importantly, a thorough read of the content was necessary in order to establish a general theme that connected the stories. One of the bonuses of working on certain projects is the opportunity to learn something new, and this project was one of those assignments that offered in interesting lesson in history and a chance to step back in time and imagine. Great Merchants of Grand Bazaar is available on
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